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How do I know what events are happening nearby?
  1. Login to your Meet More Singles app on your phone and choose ‘All Events’, at the top of the page and use the search filters to find an event nearby.
Can I register for any event?
  1. Yes you can. Obviously it would be better to choose an event in your Age range and Event Type.
Do I still pay if the event does not go ahead?
  1. No, you are only charged for an event for which you have registered once it is filled.
If the event fills when will there be another?
  1. Most events will have duplicates so that if the first group fills another is immediately made available at the same time and place. There is a limit on how many groups per event due to the size of most venues.
What happens if the event does not fill?
  1. You can check on the status of any event to see how many places are left. If an event is not full by 24hrs before the event time it will lapse and any registered members will need to register for another event.
How am I notified of an event?
  1. When an event is full you will be notified via email, you will be notified a few hours before the event and again very close to the start time. Once you login to your app you will receive alerts via the app.
What is the cutoff for events?
  1. 24hrs before the event start time
What if a match does not arrive or comes late?
  1. All matches must verify themselves so if your first match has not arrived by a certain time interval you will be asked to wait for your second match. If one of your second to fifth matches has not arrived you will see a message asking you to wait.
What happens if I cannot find my match?
  1. After a certain time you will be asked to use our ‘Find’ feature. If your match has not arrived after another interval you will be asked to wait for your next match.
If the numbers are uneven do I still get a match?
  1. Sometimes a person cannot make it for various reasons even though they have paid for the event, but because there are four more matches one person will be asked to wait for one match only. This means that at the end one person (depending on everyone’s preferences) will not be given a match after voting. If you have less than three matches you can request a refund.
With poor internet or phone connection how will it continue?
  1. The app is only dependent on internet connection for voting at the end which will take 45+mins so your phone has a chance to connect in that time.
How private is the information, what do you share?
  1. We only display your firstname and image, no other information is revealed, and you should not share your personal information with your matches unless you have both agreed to continue to chat after the event.
Is there any matching?
  1. The only matching is age and style as determined by the person’s preferences. We do not match users in these current events.

  2. Another form of matching is the type and location of the venue which will automatically create a type of matching.

  3. In a few months we will be introducing a new, superior type of personality matching service of which all members will be alerted.
How do I register a complaint?
  1. We monitor the contact information on our website and will respond to any complaints.