OMG, my next match is amazingly beautiful, I am frozen with a look of the cat that got the cream complete with drool coming out.

When she speaks I am sure nothing will come out of my mouth for reply.

My heart has stopped, I am in an instant dream, her eyes have hypnotised me, I can’t look, I can’t look away, I am going to sound like a fool.

What will I say? I am freaking out, then she smiles and says a big bright..

‘Hello, how are you’.

She loves me, no, likes me, clearly likes me; I don’t believe it; I am stunned.

‘I’m great’

I say, surprised like hell that it came out.

I can't believe it, conversation is fantastic, we are both grinning like crazy, what if she likes the next guy more?

Oh, what just happened!

I will pretend nothing and pounce later. I will vote for her and not look disappointed if she does not pick me.

I can’t stop glancing back, my match has just caught me and looks instantly annoyed.