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How To Become a Host

Meet More Singles events are the latest way to meet other singles face to face. Internet dating has reached its peak while face to face dating is the new growth.

As a host you choose a venue, set the cost for each participant to join the event, promote the event and if it fills you will be paid the full amount from each registration less our commission.

Registration fees for participants are only charged if the event fills.

If you have an outgoing personality and you can promote your event to attract singles this may be the most fun you have had in a long time.

Perhaps you have a great social media following and your friends can spread the word or you might know a venue that can put up a poster or email their customer base, or you might be able to spread the news by telling others.

Once people download the app they will automatically be alerted every time you register another event.

Hosts are expected to be at events to greet participants if necessary and be available to answer any questions or resolve issues that might come up.

You register your event on this site and include the age group or groups you want to attract, the venue address and then promote it. Users of the app will be notified of all new events registered.

Ten minutes before the event start time the host’s image (you), first name and mobile number will appear on the “About To Start” screen so that users can look for you if they need to or call you. The event will run with or without a host at exactly the start time.

The safety of our users is of paramount concern, so Hosts will be asked to verify their phone number and email address as part of their registration.