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We Bring You A Totally New Singles Experience

Phone-app managed speed-dating is a new, faster, amazing way to meet other singles, an exciting new concept, a brand-new beginning.

Face to face networking with other singles at our fully hosted Meetup events. Your age group - your location - real people - in real time.

No more virtual chats with robot profiles, no waiting or hoping for replies, no images that look nothing like the person and no crazy monthly fees extras, or upgrades or other money-grabs.


We passionately want singles to be able to be introduced to each other, face to face, safely and quickly while having great fun, in relaxed surroundings - so we built an incredible app to do just that. 

Meeting real singles live who also want to meet other singles like you is what this is all about to see if you are compatible, or if there is a spark, or chemistry, or attraction as you chat and laugh together.

About the app

Face to face singles speed dating app

Quick, fun, easy, exciting this amazing app could reduce finding a romantic partner from years to weeks – see below.

New networking for the future

Meet More Singles app allows you to meet other singles in person at our hosted Meetups close to you with a hint of fun.

Live, real people, in real time at a real venue… and nobody else knows what’s happening because it looks like any situation where couples are having a chat.

The incredible app manages everything allowing you a few minutes with each match to see if you click. It is all over quickly and the lucky ones will continue chatting after the preference vote results are messaged.

Your host is on hand if you need them, but they do not actively manage the event, it runs itself.

Your event is managed by your phone app with a friendly host nearby

At ten minutes before the event start time instructions will appear on your phone. Your host’s image and contact details will show on your phone if you have any problems or want to say hello.

How the event works

At the start time your phone app will show the name and an image of your first match so the fun can begin. You find them immediately and they will be looking for you too.

Swap codes to confirm your meeting and chat for a few minutes. The app opens a quick voting screen for notes at the end of each match, then your next match appears on your screen.

After five matches your app will ask you to submit your matches in order of your preference and shortly after you will be given a match suggestion based on available preferences in the group.

You will then be prompted for a Yes or No to continue chatting.

Mutual Yes answers are given the phone number of their match.

If one person answers No, both will receive a polite Sorry notice.


These networking events blend in perfectly with surroundings because they look like any group of people standing and chatting to each other.


The app only shares your firstname and your image during the event and nothing after the event. You only share other details if you are comfortable or if you and the person you are preferenced with both agree to share your contact number.

Matching is by Personality

Where the Meetup advertises that it is personality-matched you will be matched by compatible personality for romance.

Saves time and money

This is the best value singles networking experience, and the people you meet are interested in meeting you. A few minutes each is enough without wasting time. The app introduces each match which removes the need for a host to manage the event and saves expenses so your cost is low.

Finding romance might only take days instead of years

You may have to go through a few events before finding a great partner but it is possible for you to do this in two or three weeks which might normally take you two or three years.

As the app expands there will be many events at a wide variety of venues, so you can choose the type of venue that suits you most.

If that does not work out you can try a more up-market location or a more practical location.